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  Honourable Minister   Honourable Secretary
Sohail Anwar Siyal

Sajid Jamal Abro

  Estimate of Different Crops
Development Schemes
Statistics of Different Crops and Estimate of different Crops, Kharif & Rabi (Area & Production, etc.) Projects Digest, Development funds, mid year review of development projects
  Pesticides   Fertilizer
  Test and Trial reports of pesticides samples collected from dealers & stores   Fertilizer off take, sale statistics / reports and fertilizer review
  Training's   Prices
  Local & foreign training's, vacancy & scholarship   Market prices of inputs and essential commodities
  Agriculture Extension   Agriculture Engineering & Water        Management Wing
  Dissemination of new crop-technology & to extend advisory service to farming community. To ensure availability of quality input.   Assistance provided to farmers for mechanize farming, provide land leveling machines, Hand Boring Plants, Combine Harvester, Rig Machines and Bulldozers.
  Agriculture Research   Cane Commissioner
  Development of production technology & high yielding crop varieties
  Implementation and supervision of the provisions of Sugar Factories Control Act
  Sindh Seed Corporation   Planning & Monitoring Cell
  Production & distribution of quality seed of rice, cotton and wheat   Identification, formulation, appraisal and monitoring of development projects
  Sindh Agricultural Growth Project   Archives
  WB safeguard policies, an environmental and social assessment of the Project has been carried out   Backup materials/ reports, documents, related informations/ old data
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Crops Calender
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Scheduling of Irrigation
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