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Sindh has a geographical area of 140,900 square kilometers. The Province lies between 23 and 29 degree north latitude (near tropic of cancer) and 67 and 71 degrees east longitude. The Province is surrounded by land in all directions expect there is Arabian sea in the south west. It is bordered with Rann of Kachh in south, Rajastan in east, Punjab province in north-east and Baluchistan in north and west. In the extreme west are the barren Kirthar Mountains; to the east is the great Indian desert, partly known as Thar desert.

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Agriculture Engineering

Agriculture Extension Services Sindh has responsibility to advise / educate growers / farmers in modern crop production.. readmore..

Agriculture Extension Wing

Agriculture Extension Services Sindh has responsibility to advise / educate growers / farmers in modern crop production readmore..

Beuru of Supply and Price

The Bureau of Supply and Prices was revived vide SGA&CD Notification No:-SORI(SGA&CD)3-1/2002 Dated: 11th, February 2008.. readmore..


Local & foreign training's, vacancy & scholarships... readmore..

P/Monitoring Cell

The Planning and Monitoring Cell was created in Agriculture Department in April 1978.A Computer Section has also been established in readmore..

Cane Commissioner

An independent post of the Cane Commissioner Sindh, in BS-19, having its head office at Hyderabad has been established on 07-01-1984. readmore..

Seed Corporation

The project “ Sindh Seed Corporation ” was approved under IDA Credit in 1976 at a cost of Rs.87.915 millions . readmore..

SIAP Enahancement Project

The objectives of the project is to increase the agriculture productivity of small and medium farmers in Sindh through readmore..

Sindh Agricutural Growth

The Sindh Agricultural Growth Project (SAGP) aims to improve the productivity and competitiveness of small and medium producers in selected readmore..

Estimate of Different Crop

Statistics of Different Crops and Estimate of different Crops, Kharif & Rabi (Area & Production, etc.) readmore..