Agriculture Engineering & Water Management
Development of culturable waste Land through bulldozers.
Supplementing additional ground water for irrigation purpose through Rig Machines & Hand Boring Plants.
Train manpower for Tractors and implement operation and maintenance.
Provides Agriculture implements on 50% subsidy to the farmers for the promotion of Agricultural Mechanization.
Provides Laser Land Leveling equipment for precision land leveling.
Installation of Tubewells on 50% subsidy.
Provides Technical guidance and allied Agro Technical services to the Farmers.
To increase Tractor population in Sindh for efficient farm mechanization by providing financial assistance on the purchase of wheel type tractor.
To provide Bulldozers service to the farmers at reasonable cost to improve the new lands.
To render drilling services for installation of tube wells.
To guide / assist the farmers for farm mechanization and provide services of modern farm machine and equipment on hire basis like combine Harvesters, Transplanters etc
Leveling of Lands.
Exploration of ground water for supplementing irrigation water.
Harvesting & Threshing of Paddy Crop.
Provision of farm implements.
Training of persons in the field of farm tractors and implements operation and maintenance.
Provision of repair and servicing facilities for Public as well as Privately owned farm machinery and equipment.
5 Main Agriculture Engineering Workshop at Tandojam, Khairpur, Thatta, Sukkur and Larkana.
10 Sub Agriculture Engineering Workshop.
2 Tractor Operators Training School at Tandojam and Sukkur.
1 Agriculture Mechanization Research Cell at Tandojam.
1 On-Farm Training Institute Sakrand.
Total Bulldozers
146 Nos.
84 Nos.

Watercourse improvement to minimize conveyance losses and improving the efficiency, reliability and equity of irrigation water.
Management of water resources in Barani Areas through micro-irrigation and other improved water management practices.
Strengthening farmer’s participation to improve their capabilities for better management at farm level
Supporting Agricultural Productivity enhancement measures to compliment and enhance the benefits of improved water management.
Precision Land Leveling for better water application and increased crop yields.
Demonstration of improved farm, crop and water management techniques.
Capacity Building Training of personnel in methods of On Farm Water Management and developing an institutional base for large scale programmes.
Capacity Building Training of farmers and organizing  them into water users groups to take the leadership for bringing about the required improvements.
Social Mobilization of Rural community for empowerment of water management programmes and to prevent conflict among community on equal basis
Promoting increase employment opportunities in the rural sector by utilizing local resources.
Sindh Institute for ON Farm Water Management (T&R) Sakrand
Provide continuous in-service and pre-service Training to Officers / Officials of Water Management and the member of Water User Associations, Tractor Operators and Extension Workers.
Have a site for Organizing Farmers field days and exhibitions for displaying new practices.
Develop a reference site for the Water users to observe the improved Water Management and Agronomics Practices particularly Precision Land Leveling, methods of irrigation, Irrigation scheduling and Water Budgeting.
To explore applicable ways of effective utilization of irrigation water under local condition.