Core Team

Designation Phone & Fax Email
Additional Secretary (Tech) Tel: +92-21-99211543,99211983,99213269 Fax:+92-21-99211805
Additional Secretary (Admin) Tel: +92-21-99211979 Fax: +92-21-99211805
Deputy Secretary (Tech) Tel: +92-21-99212050 Fax: +92-21-99211805
Deputy Secretary (General) Tel:+92-21-99211467 Fax: +92-21-99211805
Deputy Secretary (Admin) Tel: +92-21-99211510 Fax: +92-21-99211805
Job Title Phone Job Description
Admn-I 99211826 Deals with administrative matters of Agriculture Extension wing, Sindh, Hyderabad.
Admn-II 99211618 Deals with administrative matters of Agriculture Research wing, Sindh, Tandojam.
Admn-III 99211615 Deals with administrative matters of Agricultural Engineering & Water Management wing, Sindh, Hyderabad.
Admn-IV 99211690 Deals with administrative matters of Defunct SASO & Sindh Seed Corporation, Sindh, Hyderabad.
Admn-VI 99211685 Deals with administrative matters of Ex-NPIW Staff/ SIAPEP.
PMP 99211614 Deals with administrative matters of Market Committees of Sindh
Foreign Training 99211806 Deals with: • All local and abroad training matters for Officers of Agriculture Department. • President Directives. • Prime Minister’s Directives.
Budget & Accounts 99211977 Deals with: • Budget estimate of field offices. • Distribution of non-development budget to field offices. • Appropriation accounts of field offices. • Audit reports/ draft paras. • DAC/ PAC matters. • Miscellaneous Accounts matters.
Legal 99213269 Deals with: • All court matters and to defend govt. interest. • Provincial Assembly, Sindh and National Assembly, questions and other relevant matters. • Data Collection and preparation of Power Point presentations. • Secretaries Committee Meeting. • Other special/ important assignments.
General 99211532 Deals with: • Administrative matters of officers & officials of Secretariat side. • Financial Assistance cases of deceased govt. employees of Secretariat as well as all field offices. • Admissions of students of Sindh Province in Govt. Educational Institutions (Universities & Colleges across Pakistan) of other Provinces on reserved quota. • Liaison with other departments. • Medical Reimbursement cases of officers & officials of Agriculture Department (Secretariat side as well as field offices). • Circulation of Notifications, Orders for implementation. • Secretary’s Directives for enforcement. • Internship Program. • Prime Minister’s Grievances Cell.
Section Officer (General) as D.D.O 99211532 Deals with: • All Account matters of Non-Development side. • Reconciliation of Phones’ Account. • Vehicles & P.O.L. • Stationery. • Ensure proper working of gadgets installed in department.
Development 99211806 Deals with: • ADPs/ 05-year plans • DDWP/ CDWP/ ECNEC. • Foreign Missions/ Exchange. • Foreign Aid (Credit, Loan & Barter). • All matters relating to Planning & Development (except apprising clearing progress). PC-III, PC-IV, ASIP, Development Projects/ Sector Foreign Delegation. • Foreign Delegation. • Assembly Questions.
Mechanical 99211829 Deals with: • Technical issues/ Water Management Policy. • Loan Document of OFWM/ Consultant issue. • Bulldozer Operation issues. • Assembly Questions.
Crop 99211616 Deals with: • Support Price of Rice, Cotton & Wheat. • Crop estimates. • NAP (National Agriculture Policy). • Implementation of Agriculture package policy. • Resource Mobilization Proposal. • Import, Export Policy. • Sub-Committee regarding crop estimates & Statistical Board. • Fixation of Targets of Area & Production of Major Crops. • Nutrition Policy. • To facilitate growers/ package.
Extension 99211685 • Technical matters relating to Agriculture Extension, Cane Commissioner. • Seed farm and Training Institutes. • Sugar Control Board. • Court cases of sugarcane factories. • Privatization of farm. • Agriculture Income Tax.
Research 99211685 Deals with: • PCCC & PARC matters. • Cost of cultivation of all major crops. • Technical matters/ issues of Agriculture Research wing. PCSIR, PAEC.
Plant Protection 99211690 Agriculture Task Force: • Registration of pesticides companies (Fee Rs. 200,000/ 100,000/- • Research of pesticides/ fertilizer dealers. (Fee Rs. 200,000/ 100,000/-) • Registration of cases of pesticides and fertilizer and their follow-up. Technical Matters: • Pesticides standardization • Pesticide regulation • Pest monitoring and forecasting reports • Pesticides Acts. • Pesticides spraying. • Court cases.
Inputs 99211690 • Technical matters of SSC including seeds and fertilizers of all crops. • Agriculture credit. • National & provincial seed councils’ issues. • Sindh Seed Corporation Board.