Planning and Monitoring Cell

The Planning and Monitoring Cell was created in Agriculture Department in April 1978.

A Computer Section has also been established in Planning and Monitoring Cell since 1989 with the following staff strength;
System Analyst
Assistant Programmer
Computer Operator
Key Punch Operator

The functions of the Cell are identification, formulation, appraisal and monitoring of development projects of the Department of Agriculture.

Since its inceptions, PMC has been able to formulate as many as 392 projects and got approved 189 projects out of 392 projects. Side by side, during the period PMC has made efforts to develop local consultancy services as well.

Although a good job has been done by PMC towards planning, but justice could not be done with monitoring due to inherent deficiencies in old PC-I of the PMC, because the staff provided to PMC is hardly able to cope with work of formulation , appraisal and approval of development projects. Similar is the position of transport and operational funds.

The scheme viz Strengthening of Agricultural Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation capabilities in Sindh was launched in 1989 with the assistance of FAO, with the following objectives;
In service training to the staff involved to the project planning and monitoring shall be
imparted through arranging the training courses.
In service training in monitoring and impact evaluation of projects.
Training of trainers.

The capability for project planning, monitoring and evaluation requires considerable strengthening, regarding project planning.

The Department of Agriculture is implementing good number of projects. For successful implementation these projects which are specially implemented with the assistance of World Bank , correct identification, formulation, appraisal and monitoring is essential. The field officers who are involved in Planning and Monitoring work are trained in above field so that right type of project could be launched as number of field officers are getting training through the courses being held in this scheme. It is hoped that successful project implementation shall be possible now. The total number of 125 officers trained under the project.