Sindh Agricultural Growth Project

The Sindh Agricultural Growth Project (SAGP) aims to improve the productivity and competitiveness of small and medium producers in selected commodity value chains. The project will focus on five key value chains, which are chilies, onions, dates, rice post-harvest loss management, and dairy.

SAGP has three components: (a) capacity building and institutional development, (b) investment for agriculture growth, and (c) project management and monitoring and evaluation. The component A will support (i) value chain development by building producer capacity building through farmer group mobilization and engaging the private sector in stakeholder forums, (ii) modernization of extension services and agricultural research, and (iii) strategic planning for the agricultural sector, including the development of the provincial agriculture sector strategy. The component B will support the development of the four key value chains by increasing productivity though technology transfer and extension services (including post- harvest processing) and providing marketing support. The component C will support the Departments of Agriculture and Livestock in managing the project.