Sindh Seed Corporation

The project “ Sindh Seed Corporation ” was approved under IDA Credit in 1976 at a cost of Rs.87.915 millions (63.436 Millions Local + 24.479 F.E) The project was for a period of five years (1976-1977 to 1980-1981). It was transferred to Non-Development Sector in the year 1983-1984.

In the year 2000, the Asian Development Bank proposed closure of Sindh Seed Corporation due to its unsatisfactory performance. The Sindh Cabinet on 16th June 2001 agreed to the proposal of ADB and the Sindh Seed Corporation Board on 20th September 2001 suspended its operations.

Keeping in view the demand of growers, the Sindh Cabinet on 24th February 2004 constituted a committee of Ministers. The Committee on 26/04/2004 recommended its revival as a lean and efficient organization, and reduction of work force from 189 to 98 posts. As such the surplus employees were retired under Golden Hand Shake scheme on 30th June 2006. The Action Plan for the revival of the Corporation was approved by the honourable Chief Minister Sindh on 1st December 2005.
Objectives of Action Plan:
To Rehabilitate the Seed processing plant.

To streamline the Seed Multiplication System.

Procurement, Processing and Marketing of Wheat, Cotton and Paddy seed to meet the requirement of the Province.

Multiplication of pre-basic and basic seed at Sindh Seed Corporation’s seed Farms for production of basic and certified seed.

To produce basic and certified seed at Sindh Seed Corporation and registered grower’s farms.

To provide advisory services to the growers.

To provide seed processing facilities to the growers, at their door-steps.
Details of Marketing Netwrok:
The following Marketing / Sale Centres of the Corporation for procurement / marketing of seed have been proposed in PC-I for Revival / Rehabilitation of SSC:-

* Sindh Seed Corporation Head Office Hyderabad.
* Main Seed Processing Plant Sakrand
* Cotton Ginning Unit Tandojam.
* Sale Point Moro.
* Sale Point Kotdiji.
* Marketing Office Mirpurkhas.
* Marketing Office Sukkur.
* Marketing Office Larkana.
* Private Dealers / Commission Agents.

T he existing arrangements of the marketing network are at SSC Head Office Hyderabad, Seed Processing Plant Sakrand, Sukkur, Larkana and Tandojam. Additional Marketing / Sale points will be established in due course of time, keeping in view the requirement of the SSC.
Revival/Rehabilitation of SSC:
A scheme “Revival/Rehabilitation of Sindh Seed Corporation” has been approved at a cost of Rs.225.051 millions for a period of Five years from 2005-2006 to 2009-2010 as under:-
Rehabilitation of Seed Plant
Development of Seed Farms
Procurement & Sale of Seed
Financial Liabilities
Rs. 17.335 m
Rs. 85.847 m
Rs. 08.608 m
Rs. 77.083 m
Rs. 33.950 m
Rs. 222.823 m
Add 1% Monitoring Cost
Rs. 2.228 m
Grand Total
Rs. 225.051 m
During 2005-2006, the Government provided an amount of Rs.20.00 millions and during 2006-2007 provided Rs.80.00 millions, which have been utilized.

The Government has also provided an amount of Rs. 89.50 millions during the Financial Year 2007-08, which has been utilized for Procurement of Seed, Development of Farms, Rehabilitation of Seed Plant, Purchase of Lab. Equipments, Purchase of Office Equipments, Purchase of Vehicles (Pickup / Mini Trucks) for SSC Farms and Seed Processing Plant, installation of Tubewells and purchase of Tractors, Agriculture Implements & Construction of Pacca Water Courses etc.