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National Programme for the Improvement of 29000 Watercourses
Current Progress Report of NPIW

1.Improvement of Watercourses
2. Guidance to the farmers/WCA for other Water Management aspects like proper use of irrigation water and operation and maintenance of watercourses

Bricks Lining with concrete bed
Precast Concrete Lining / Prefabricated.
Pipe Lining. RCC or PVC Pipe Lining.
Per Meter Average Lining Cost Rs.831.00 M.
Total Lining of W/C Improvement 20.60 M.Meters
To increase Agricultural production and Farmers income especially of the poor Farmers through increased scope of Pakistan’s Irrigation and Drainage System.
Redefine Governments role in establishing self sustaining efficient irrigation and drainage system through enhanced farmers participation at the secondary level of irrigation water distribution system i.e. distributaries / Minors. The key performance indicators shall be increased in agricultural productivity, increase in water availability and equity and prompt water distribution.

Watercourse Associations will be established as per rules in vogue.
30 % length of lining will be improved in Saline ground water area watercourses and 15% in Fresh ground water Area Watercourses.
Farmers are required to improve entire earthen length of watercourse.
Farmers are willing to contribute full cost of skilled and unskilled labour.
Extension cases will not be treated, in order to meet the objectives of the scheme i.e. lining of remaining watercourses in Sindh.


A PMU has been established in the Chief Minister Secretariat for monitoring of the project.
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