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  Agricultural Statistics of Sindh
Sindh Agriculture Statistics Data (1947-48 to 2004-05)
Final Estimates of Kharif Crops 2004 and Rabi Crops 2004-05
  Estimate of Different Crops    
Sindh Agriculture Statistics Data of Crops (1947-48 to 2004-05)
Crop Development Group Established by Agriculture Department
Average Yield (Kg/ha) of Different Crops in Selected Countries During 2004
Targets & Achievements of Kharif Crops 2005-06
Targets & Achievements of Rabi Crops 2004-05 & 2005-06
Statement Showing Achievements of Area, Production of Rabi Fruit Crops of Sindh for Last Five Years (2000-2005)
Statement Showing Achievements of Area, Production of Rabi Vegetable Crops of Sindh for Last Five Years (2000-2005)
Final Estimate of Rabi Pulses Crop of Sindh for the Year 2004-05
Last 10 years Area & Production of Sunflower Crops
Download Characteristics of Cotton Varieties
Mango Fruit Crop Banana Fruit Crop
Water Melon Fruit Musk Melon Fruit
Tomato Crop
Soyabean Crop
Maize Crop
Lady Finger Crop
Bajra Crop
Gram Crop
Jowar Crop
Ground Nut Crop
Gowar Crop
Castor Seed Crop
Rabi Pulses Crop Kharif Pulses Crop
Tobacco Crop
Rape Seed & Mustard Crop
Summary of Final Estimate
  Progress of NPIW    
Periodical District Wise Comparative Statement of Progress under NPIW  
Per Week Distt Progress (Lin IP & Lic Com) & Per Week Technical Sanction  
Disbursement of Amount against Re-Imbursement of Watercourses under NPIW
Presentation for Chief Secretary’s Review meeting with DCO on 18th Feb, 2006  
  Development Schemes    
Economic Affairs Division (Foreign Training)
Training Achieve
Rates of Harvested Wheat Crop (District Wise)
Essential Commodity Prices (Whole Sale)
Essential Commodity Prices (Retails)
Sale Price of Different Fertilizers (District Wise)
Weekly Average Wholesale / Retail Prices of Food Items
Consumer Prices of Essential Commodities in SPI in Sindh
Support Price for Major Crops
  Agriculture Extension    
Cold Storages Metter Reading, Karachi
Market & Vehicle Fee, Subzi Mandi, Karachi
Court Cases of Market Committee, Karachi
  Agriculture Engineering & Water Management
  Agriculture Research    
Varieties Pipline
SAR News 2006
  Cane Commissioner    
Cane Development
Sugar Mills Operating in Sindh
Cane Crushed, Sugar Produced & Recovery % for the Crushing Season 2005-06
Amount of Surcharge to be Refunded to the Growers as Received from the Sugar Mills from 1991-92 to 2001-2002 as on 24-11-2005
  Sindh Seed Corporation    
MOU Signed between Transparency Intl & Agri. Dept.
Court Cases of Subzi Mandi, Karachi
Audit report of Agri. Research Inst. Tandojam
Court Cases of Anti-Corruption Estlb: HQ, Karachi
  Seniority List    
Agriculture Extension
Agriculture Research
Agriculture Engineering & Water Management
Agriculture Secretariat
Planning & Monitoring Cell
Weight & Measures
Archives of Tender
Introduction of Toxicity of Pesticides
Pesticides Recommendation for Field Crops
(Cotton, Sugarcane, Rice, Wheat, Maize, Oil, Seeds & Sunflower
Pesticides Recommendation for Vegetable Crops
(Vegetables, Chillies, Onion, Cabbage & Cauliflower, Tomato, Okra (Bhindi), Brinjal , Musk Melon/ Water Melon/ Cucurbits, Peas, Spinach & Guar)
Pesticides recommendation for Fruit Crops
(Mango, Citrus, Ber, Chiku, Guava, Date, Palm, Banana & Papaya)
IPM &.Beneficial Insects
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
A Short History of Pesticides
Diseases of Mango and their control
Photo library of Pest
Diseases of Crops,Plants & their Control
Diseases of Rice and their control
Diseases of Wheat and their control
Diseases of Cotton and their control
Diseases of Sugarcane and their control
Survey Report of Cotton Fields Attacked By Mealy Bug in District Tando Allahyar and Mirpurkhas
Sub-Standard Samples
for the year 2003
Progress Report of Pesticide
22-10-2005 to 28-10-2005
10-10-2005 to 15-10-2005
Sale of Pesticide by Croplife Group of Companies in Country from Jan to March, 2005
Download List of Pesticide Companies /Firms Whose Registration has been Expired
Download List of Registered Pesticide Firms/Companies
Report of Sub-Standard Pesticides Sample District & Firm-Wise for the year 2004
Progress Report of Pesticide Sample Drawn
22-08-05 to 17-09-05
Progress Report of Pesticide Sample Analyzed
ended on 08-10-05
ended on 01-10-05
ended on 24-09-05
Domestic Fertilizer Production during 2003-04 and 2004-05
Fertilizer Imports during 2003-04 and 2004-05
Province-Wise Nutrient Off take during 2004-05 Compared with Previous Seasons
Province-Wise Off take of Urea and DAP during 2004-05 Compared with Previous Years
Fertilizer Supply/Demand Situation during 2004-05 (July 04 to June 05)
Months-Wise Supply and off take of Fertilizer Nutrients during 2004-05
Fertilizer use Status during 2004-05
Domestic Fertilizer Production during Kharif 2003 and 2004
Province-Wise Nutrient off take during Kharif 2004 Compared with Previous Seasons
Province-Wise Nutrient off take during Rabi 2004-05 Compared with Previous Seasons
Province Wise off take of urea, DAP off take during Rabi 2004-05 Compared with Previous Seasons
District Wise Nutrients Wise Fertilizer off take during 2004-05
Fertilizer Samples Drawn
12.09.2005 to17.09.2005
Results of Decoded Samples
17-09-2005 to 30-09-2005
30-06-2005 to 27-07-2005
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Sowing Period of Major Crops
List of Crop Wise Progressive Growers of Sindh Province
Scheduling of Irrigation
List of Cotton Gining Factories in Sindh Province
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Ecological Alternative Agriculture Practices
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