Provincial Seed Council was established under Section-9 of Seed Act 1976.

Functions of the Council include  approval of new crop varieties  evolved by  various research stations and institutes for multiplication and production in province and  advise on policy for development, operation and regulation of Seed Industry etc.
Composition of  Council

Minister for Agriculture                (Chairman)

Official Members                         (12)           
including Secretary Agriculture

Managing Director,                      (Member/Secretary)
Sindh Seed Corporation

Members of Private Seed              (07)
Companies & Progressive Growers

Technical Sub-committee headed by Director General Agriculture Research Sindh Tandojam examine and recommend newly evolved varieties of different crops to be placed in  Provincial Seed Council for approval.
There is no specific period for convening the meeting of the Council but normally convened  when the Technical Sub-committee recommends new varieties.
Last meeting of the Council was held on 7th May 2011, in which new  varieties of Wheat, Cotton, Rice, Onion, Chilies Okra and Sugarcane were approved by the Council.